“I am the type of woman who dares to choose Jack over Cal, like Rose did in Titanic.
Yes, we exist in real life.

While we do have our materialistic needs, we choose love over luxury, and passion over obligation.
It doesn’t matter to us who is the better bread-winner, as long as the purpose is served.
What matters to us is the quality time spent together.
What matters is, our need for you to communicate with us all the ugly things you feel about us, since we cannot come to a win-win solution by any other means, even if it leads to a quarrel at first.
What matters is, the eagerness for a role-reversal at times, breaking stereotypes of roles more “manly”, or “womanly”.
What matters is, your unconditional love, protection and the guts to deal with our worst versions. Because, if you can’t accept us with our worst, its no use even beginning it.
What matters is, your level of empathy matching up with ours.
What matters is, appreciating the common interests and respecting the different ones.
What matters is, your giving us the chance to dominate you 50% the time, or at areas we are better than you. The rest 50 is yours.

However, if we find ourselves constantly begging for your time and attention, we would rather choose to be alone or even look for new love, because we know what we deserve, we are strong, and we don’t settle for anything less.

We do keep things “simple” 😉
Yes, we exist.”


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