“Up, close and personal on social”. Are you kidding me?

Having a good time or bad, I really love to post my thought processes. Its like maintaining an online diary, to which I can look back for my own reference. Besides, what is the guarantee that I, in turn, am not coming of help to somebody else, too?
It doesnt matter whether I have friends or enemies. Its with my own previous less experienced self, that I am competing. I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself.

I am least bothered what people talk about me BEHIND my back, or whether they are finding entertainment. Its like- if you HAVE something to say, then just face me and tell it. Or better still, you might find yourself in a worse situation in future than that I am in- who knows?

So, what’s the point?
Why should people HAVE to make things so complicated? Does it give them some extra bouts of peace to act fake?


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