quote Nothing in this world goes wasted

Yes, I have poor “people-skills”.
That is because I have, due to several circumstances, socialised very scant.
I am easily fooled, cheated, used and lied to.
But, I am not afraid because, though I am a late starter, my age ensures complexity of situations, and I know I have to face them if I am to grow in life.
The several circumstances that prevented me from socialising also has a silver lining. They taught me to have patience and take up the best suitable approach in a given situation.
Yes, I give the benefit of doubt, I try to find fault in my own deeds, and give my best shot at the same time and also keep my promises long after they have become irrelevant. In the process, I also keep controlling the damage that I keep incurring.
And, when circumstances finally show the real colours of people, I am the one that thrives better.


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