Behind every “domineering person”, there is a “complex of inferiority”

Next time a person demeans you, while constantly keeping him or herself as a subject to boast about; and even refuses to let go of controlling your life, know that it’s time to boil down to the fact that it’s NOT you, but the other one who is clinging to his/her comfort zone.

This comfort-zone springs from nothing other than the psychological predisposition (read, low self-esteem), that forces some people to be in a consistent obligatory parasitic need for a suitable host – in this case, a person that this crowd finds prospective, either in their subconscious or unconscious state of mind.

And the most interesting bottom line is that, they will do anything to keep you available for them.

Low self-confidence is actually the behind-the-scenes culprit of many a crime (read, abuse), that results from the ample application of a complex suffering from inferiority, that ironically appears just the opposite, on the surface.

These applications range from creating and maintaining, against all odds, a situation that they know they’ll feel confident in, to depending on external validation to reach complacency.

One of the many ways to deal with such people is either to get them under medical supervision (if you want to fight the problem), or simply to steer clear from them, right after you detect the causal factor (flighting from the problem), if you, yourself, don’t want to lose your nerves over your own confidence.

The former seems less of a feasible option, and that leaves you with only the latter. After all, not always can you help or lead someone away from a vicious cycle, when you are at your own expense.

A question.

How do YOU deal with such “difficult” people?


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