Be a SURVIVOR, not a victim

Each & every person has his/her own strengths & weaknesses. People have, & face problems… some common, & some unique, but they are always there for each & every one of us.

Of course, human beings are interdependent creatures, & all of us require a sense of belonging & support. But, if we take the responsibility of our “own good living” in our “own hands” FIRST, recognize & accept our own weaknesses & limitations, stay optimistic in the face of all adversities.. no matter what, & give ourselves the time & effort to heal our own minds ourselves, half of all our own problems get solved, & happiness automatically comes easy.

It really doesn’t matter how many tragedies there have been in your life, & how many there are still to come.

Life always gives us a chance to restart… anytime, anywhere. So NEVER give up. Keep hoping for better times. Keep your lives going in the positive direction. Keep progressing. Persist in being a true warrior in the battles of your life. Be a SURVIVOR, not a victim.


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