aside KittyBitz


When I had zero knowledge about handling cats and instead, nested deep in my heart some sort of a “frightened love” towards animals, my husband taught me among other things, “When a cat has a small-eye-look AND its tail shows no frantic movements, you will know that it is being EMOTIONAL at the moment”.

Turned out just the opposite.

It has now become obvious that our cat has opted me as her favourite in the house. There has been times when after spending minutes of me petting her while sitted on my lap, she stops all “purr”ing, holds my hand with one of her paws, and looks at me with her eyes gleaming and wide open, with an expression which I fancy to have more of a feeling of awe in it. As if to say, “How on Earth do you love me so much? Why did I not meet you before? Yes, I know I have a total of nine lives in this term, but in the next, I will be sure to change places. You will be the cat, and I will be your human”.



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